Limitless Solutions takes pride in understanding our customer’s business first. As a custom solution provider, we tailor and create the best-fit technology platforms to address those business needs with a strong emphasis on helping our customers reduce cost, improve operational efficiency and increase customer satisfaction, while maintaining high security, reliability and maintainability. We have the professional expertise to provide an all-encompassing product/system design and consultancy service from conceptualization to final system architecture design and implementation.

We have the knowledge and the vendors to create a complete and reliable solution. Our in-house fabrication and electrical services give us the edge on tight timelines and unusual jobs. From our state-of-the-Art equipment to our experienced team members, we are committed to deliver the latest technologies throughout our events. Our services include:

  • Online Payment Facility
  • Conference Information Pages
  • Ticketing System
  • Pre-Meeting Input Data Collection System
  • Meetings and Conferences Registration Pages
  • Online Feedback Surveys
  • Online CME Distribution
  • On Site Registration Kiosks
  • Dynamic QR Codes
  • Conference Social Media Management
  • Digital Backdrops
  • Voting System
  • QR Code/Bar-Code scanners
  • Event Apps
  • Online Learning Platform (LMS)

To be more specific, we have implemented projects such as:

  • Wireless Infrastructure Solution for Bus, Train Depots, School and Warehouse.
  • Fixed Wireless for Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint link of up to 60 km (with line-of-sight).
  • IT Security Solution for Enhance Network Security with server hardening, Firewall, SIEM (Security Incident and Events Management), wired and wireless Intrusion Detection and Centralized Network Management.
  • Private LTE/Cellular Solution for enterprise or disaster management.
    CCTV Surveillance for In-Vehicle surveillance with GPS tracking.
  • CCTV Surveillance with Video Analytic for Intelligence Transport System and Shopping Mall video crowd analytic.
  • Private Cloud Surveillance Solution for CCTV security monitoring and management.
  • Outdoor City Surveillance for security monitoring with solar and wireless technologies.
  • Multi-site Digital Signage Solution for digital advertising with centralized or cloud management.

Our Projects